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Frolic Room-ing with Kevin Spacey and Gena Rowlands

Frolic Rooming with Kevin Spacey and Gena Rowlands

Sergeant Jack Vincennes (Spacey) is a slick and likable Hollywood cop who works as the technical advisor of Badge of Honor, a popular Dragnet-type TV show. Vincennes is also connected with Sid Hudgeons of Hush-Hush magazine. Vincennes receives kickbacks for making celebrity arrests, often orchestrated, involving narcotics, that will attract even more readers to the magazine—and more fame and profit to him.

-- wikiFrolic Rooming with Kevin Spacey and Gena Rowlands

In L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997), Kevin Spacey's Sergeant Jack Vincennes experiences a subtle change-of-heart while staring into his drink at the Frolic Room on Hollywood Boulevard, just east of Vine.

Frolic Rooming with Kevin Spacey and Gena Rowlands

Los Angeles housewife and mother Mabel Longhetti loves her construction worker husband Nick and desperately wants to please him, but the strange mannerisms and increasingly odd behavior she displays while in the company of others has him concerned. Convinced she has become a threat to herself and others, he reluctantly commits her to an institution, where she undergoes treatment for six months. Left alone with his three children, Nick proves to be neither wiser nor better than his wife in the way he relates to and interacts with them or accepts the role society expects him to play.

-- wiki

Frolic Rooming with Kevin Spacey and Gena Rowlands

In John Cassavetes' A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE (1974), Mabel Longhetti, played by Gena Rowlands, has been abandoned by her hard-working and frequently absent husband Nick (Peter Falk). She's so lonely that she finds solace going to the FROLIC ROOM on Hollywood Boulevard to allow herself to be picked up by a stranger. She takes him home and confuses him with Nick.

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