Thursday, September 3, 2009

ANNIE HALL's Alvy Singer Arrested Here

ANNIE HALL's Health Food Restaurant

During one of Alvy Singer's infrequent trips to the coast, he meets Annie at a health food restaurant where they argue. He leaves the restaurant and goes to his rental car in the parking lot. He has an accident and flips out when a Policeman asks him for his license. Alvy responds by ripping up his driver's license into bits.

ANNIE HALL's Health Food Restaurant

The police station where Alvy's actor pal (Tony Roberts) bails him out is the old Venice Police Station on Venice Boulevard. This is also the scene where Tony Roberts' character wears a "space suit" to keep out harmful sunrays.

The Old Venice Police StationOld Venice Police Station & JailOld Venice Police Station & Jail

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Charles P. Everitt said...

Hey, I love it that you're interested in tracking these locations down, but that's not the police station from the movie. The police station from the movie has a sign that says "Hollywood Police Station Division 22" and it has a portico on the right.