Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday Night in Brentwood - Louise's & Pinkberry


We ran out to get an early dinner before the Monday night rush. (Sarcasm intended.) Having enjoyed Kay and Dave's Cantina on Pico, we decided to try their Brentwood location on 26th street, south of San Vicente. We were being seated at a table when we realized the place was so noisy that we couldn't hear ourselves think much less talk. Then, the screaming babies started adding to the cacophony. We got up and went next door to Louise's. Much better. More serene. No screaming babies.

Bread, Wine, Hands

We dove into the bread and wine while we waited for:

House Chopped Salad

the chopped salad (a generous serving, but lacking the salami magic)

Chicken Balsamico

and the Chicken Balsamico (excellent, kind of like an Italian teriyaki).

Firetruck Parks

Afterwards, we watched a firetruck pull out of the red zone across the street, turn around and parallel park into two metered spaces in front of the restaurant. What fun!

Pinkberry BrentwoodWe decided to go in search of the rumored new Pinkberry location in deeper Brentwood. Obviously, we found it. Now, we already eat a lot of plain, non-fat yogurt, so the tartness of the Pinkberry product didn't present a problem. The dessert satisfied, but the mechanical customer service and the lack of chairs on the patio won't be bringing me back. (This is one of those corporate places that you enter and they register your complete order and take your payment before you can even look at the goods. The clerk demanded I chose my three toppings, but I didn't even have a menu to chose from. I guess she thinks everyone is a repeat customer or everyone went through the same Pinkberry product training course that she did.)
Man Feeds Dog Pinkberry

Here's a fellow who so loves Pinkberry that he shares it with his dog. Is that Rudy in L.A.? Watch that spoon!

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