Thursday, July 12, 2007

Burger Madness every Tuesday and Thursday in Ocean Park

A few years ago, my longtime minister friend, Bill, told me he was taking me out to lunch at a place that had an incredible burger. We drove up to Rick's Tavern on Main in Ocean Park who offers a "Burger Madness" deal on a 1/2 pound hamburger (beef, turkey or veggie) with waffle-cut fries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We had an excellent lunch. I chose turkey and Bill chose beef. If you're like me and drinking before 6pm puts you to sleep, you can enjoy the iced tea and they won't look at you funny for not ordering alcohol. As far as Rick's itself, I've been going to that bar since the early 80's when most of my UCLA film school friends lived on Dudley Avenue in Venice and we used to hang out on Main Street when the neighborhood was far from trendy. Then, the Circle Bar was a lovely dump where you feared using the rest room; Chinois was a punk club; the Gap was a disco, and Rick's (called something else back then) had huge wooden booths like the kind you can find at Hollywood's Musso and Frank's. To my disappointment, sometime in the late 80's they pulled out the booths and put in tables. Well, despite the change in decor, the place is still a terrific neighborhood bar and if you show up on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, you might spot me at the bar chowing down on a turkey burger without cheese.

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