Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lunch with a new friend - a Woodlawn crow

Santa Monica SeafoodOn Monday, after deciding to buy both lunch to eat immediately and food items to cook later for dinner at the Santa Monica Seafood market, I bought a spicy tuna sandwich for lunch and fresh yellowtail, chinese coleslaw and octopus salad for dinner. I enjoy this market for its freshness, its quality, and its convenience. Growing up in Gardena, we had to go to Redondo to get fish this fresh. I bought some yellow gladiolus for my wife to compliment the fish.
a Woodlawn crowHere's my lunch pal. I often take my lunch at Woodlawn Cemetery, located at the corner of Pico and 14th. In the olden days, 14th Street was called "Cemetery Road." I know people who have lived in Santa Monica for over 20 years and they had no idea there was a cemetery here until I told them and they still think I am lying. Woodlawn is a lovely small cemetery, right in the heart of the Pico district. It's quiet, breezy, and colorful. Mostly, it's quiet.

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