Monday, August 27, 2007

Day Trip to Hollywood - Part Three

I walked towards the northwest corner of the lake and the wind wouldn't send the fountain spray in my direction. I watched this white bird skirt out of the water and caught her image before she hit the shadows.She just hopped out of the lakeAfter I took the picture I followed her around the small tree and, as my wife puts it, "she spread her wings in flirtation with me." I feel complimented. My wife does the same thing. She stretches a lot.What a flirt Well, my new love proved fickle. Our relationship never got off the ground and now that I think of it, she never did either.She's as coy as Elizabeth Taylor After I took her picture, she left me for a place in the sun. We're both better off.Get it? 'Place in the Sun' and Elizabeth Taylor?You've got to give me credit. When I was thinking about what to write, I remembered I had an old Polaroid photo of myself here in this spot in 1990. I dug through my storage unit and found the picture. Here I am with three co-workers (the fourth is operating the camera) who I convinced to tour the stars' graves during our lunch hour.See the lake in the backgroundJust after the picture of the four of us was taken, an elderly woman dressed in black came over to us and introduced herself as Valentino's "Lady in Black." We listened to her stories of how she claimed to be the daughter of the original "Lady in Black" and followed her over to the mausoleum where Rudy is buried. Here is a picture of yours truly in 1990 standing in front of Valentino's crypt with the "Lady in Black." I appear to be wearing mostly black myself, but that's not unusual for me.The Lady in Black and meOkay, enough with 1990. I turned my back on the white bird, that tease, and headed south. But that's Part Four.Heading South

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