Sunday, August 12, 2007

Master Showman Merv Griffin Dead at 82


Master showman, engaging entertainer, genius businessman, and all around nice guy, Merv Griffin (b.1925) has died. I always found him quite amusing. I fondly remember watching his talk show with my parents growing up and then later with my college roommates. We made fun of him a lot, but we enjoyed being in his presence, even if it was electronic. We waited for the moment he'd say something obtuse, and then we'd howl. He could make an ass out of himself, but with grace and humility. Cinema acting wasn't his strong suit. Merv was better being his jolly, positive, empathetic self. Regarding his job as a talk show host, he always stressed the necessity of listening to the guests rather than be thinking of your next comment. What we might have missed in quick quips or sound bites, he made up for with thoughtful questions.

Merv Griffin - wiki

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