Wednesday, August 8, 2007

L.A. News and Events

Patrick O'Connor
"The Dating Scene" - Patrick O'Connor's latest cartoon about the L.A. Mayor's Love Life - Friendly Fire

Veteran L.A. Newsman Hal Fishman Dies at 75 - LA Daily News, Friendly Fire

Apartment Complex Where Charles Bukowski Wrote "Post Office" For Sale, Could Be Leveled - LAist

The Busiest Fire Station in Los Angeles - LAFD News & Information

Republicans Would Like to Transform Wilshire Boulevard into Disneyland - Boi From Troy

Long Beach's ACRES OF BOOKS Could Be Demolished - The District Weekly

Hollywood Beer Chug Championships & Drunken Spelling Bee - MySpace/LA Beer Olympics

Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Coming to L.A. in December 2007 - Jules Verne Adventures USA

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