Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tom Brenneman's on Vine

Tom Brenneman's (razed)
1539 North Vine Street
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

The victim's girl friend separated from them, and the victim and (redacted) then proceeded to the Columbia Broadcasting Station Studios, where they saw TONY MARTIN broadcast. Thereafter they proceeded to Tom Brenneman's. (redacted) stated that at the corner of Hollywood and Vine they met (redacted) who accompanied them to Tom Brennerman's. Upon arriving at Tom Brenneman's, they observed that a number of people were waiting in line for a table, but as soon as they entered the door, the head waiter came over to the victim and escorted her, along with (redacted) and (redacted) to a nearby table. (redacted) stated that during the time they were at Tom Brenneman's, he observed that the victim appeared to be well known to all of the waiters there.

(redacted) related that while they dined at Tom Brenneman's, the victim's conversation returned to (redacted) and she again related that he had been quite jealous of her when they were young and had told her not to have any boy friends. (redacted) stated that the victim related this in a laughing, matter-of-fact manner and thought that it was quite a joke. The victim advised (redacted) that she had seen (redacted) upon his return from the Army, but had not seen him for several months. (redacted) stated that he advised the victim that he had only known (redacted) under combat conditions and , therefore, did not know him very well. (redacted) also stated that the victim was very well dressed and caught the attention of many of the guests at Tom Brenneman's. He stated that he caught snatches of conversations of people seated in the immediate vicinity and heard some of them suggest that she must be a professional actress employed by RKO or some other studio. (redacted) advised that they departed from Tom Brenneman's establishment at approximately 12:30 A.M., September 21, 1946, at which time (redacted) separated from them.

-- Elizabeth Short FBI File

Elizabeth Short lived in Hollywood for roughly the last five months of her life, and while some assumed she was working at TWA, or at the airport in Burbank, or elsewhere, she managed to be a bar scene regular.

She was known at Steve Boardner’s on Cherokee, just a few blocks from the Chancellor, where she lived, and at Melody Lane at Hollywood and Vine. They knew her at Tom Breneman’s Vine Street restaurant, where the popular radio program, "Breakfast in Hollywood" was broadcast. She was seen at Brittingham’s, next to CBS on Sunset Boulevard, and on Hollywood Boulevard at the Four Star Grill, Bradley’s 5 and 10, and at the Florentine Gardens.


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