Saturday, January 9, 2010

BLACK DAHLIA Last Seen at Biltmore?

Biltmore Hotel

- January 9: She was seen to leave the Biltmore Hotel and walk south on Olive Street by Harold Studholme, the Biltmore Bell Captain, residence, 427 Magnolia St., S. Pasadena

– January 9: At night she was seen by bartender and two other persons in the Crown Jewel Cocktail Lounge, formerly known as Broox's Cocktail Lounge at Eight and Olive, Los Angeles

-- District Attorney Investigation Report

6th Street Looking North on Olive towards entrance to Biltmore

Biltmore Hotel
506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Biltmore Hotel

On January 9, 1947, the Dahlia hitched a ride with male friend Robert "Red" Manley from San Diego to Los Angeles where she checked a suitcase containing all of her belongings at the Greyhound Station. Manley decided it wasn't safe for her to wait there at night so they went to the Biltmore. There the Dahlia "waited for her sister" for a few hours until Manley left to return home to his family, when she then left the hotel (with about $1 in her purse) and walked to the Crown Grill Bar at Olive and 9th.[8th?]

Biltmore Hotel
Biltmore Hotel

-- LA Weekly

Biltmore Hotel - Grand Avenue Side

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