Monday, January 11, 2010

The Black Dahlia Partied Here and There and Everywhere

For all the rumors and misconceptions regarding the BLACK DAHLIA, we know for sure that ELIZABETH SHORT was a PARTY GIRL. She was a flirt and a moocher. She lived in $1 a night Hollywood flophouses and used candle wax to fix her teeth. While she probably wasn't a prostitute in the strict definition, she would gladly take money, free drinks and dinner, or have her rent paid, in return for her "favors." In the parlance of the period, Betty could be called a "b-girl," a "bargirl," or a "juicy girl," but she wasn't working for the house.

PARTYGIRL Elizabeth Short

A bargirl is a woman who works as a hostess or dancer in bars to provide company or sexual services to patrons; the exact nature of services and varieties of bar varying by country/region. In most cases, these cater mostly to male clients, although in some cases women are also clients.

Note that this term should not be confused with a barmaid, who serves drinks in a bar but is not expected to entertain customers personally or provide sexual services. Many bars that employ bargirls will have additional service staff, who may be of either sex.

A Juicy girl is a woman who works in a "Juicy Bar" and is employed to sit and chat with male/female customers and persuade them to continue to buy alcohol for themselves, and expensive juice drinks for the "Juicy Girl," under the guise that the woman is also drinking alcoholic drinks. They are called "Juicy Girls" as patrons pay for their time by purchasing drinks of what are essentially juice/soda/water disguised as alcoholic beverages.

-- wiki

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