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Anthrax Song "Black Dahlia"

Anthrax "Black Dahlia" lyrics

Fist full of brass
Double barrelled pistons and a tank full of gas
He's a heavyweight
Enforcer inside
Like a man in the chair he's gonna go for a ride
Break him
Take him down
Squeeze him, watch him drown
Against lightning
The wind from his sails
Take on a man who's harder than a coffin nail
Priceless, the look on his face
If you look real close you can see the expiration date
Break him
Take him down
Squeeze him, watch him drown
Black Dahlia's in my head
Ice veined
Thousand yard stare
Breaking a man is like hunting for bear
And I'm loaded
Setting the trap
Tighten the noose
And bust a rat with my sap
Break him
Take him down
Squeeze him, watch him drown
Black Dahlia's in my head
Black Dahlia's in my head
Confession's good for the soul
Black Dahlia's in my head
In this hunt I walk alone

We've Come for You All

Studio album by Anthrax
Released May 6, 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Heavy metal, thrash metal
Length 1:00:53
Label Sanctuary
Producer Anthrax, Scrap 60

We've Come for You All is the ninth studio album by American heavy metal band Anthrax. It was produced by the band and Scrap 60, and includes the singles "What Doesn't Die," "Safe Home," and "Taking the Music Back." It is considered a comeback album for the band after lackluster commercial success of their previous two records. Despite its success, the album only reached #122 on the Billboard 200 charts. It is also the first Anthrax record featuring Rob Caggiano on lead guitar and the last to feature original material with John Bush on vocals.

"Strap It On" and "Cadillac Rock Box" both feature guitar solos by "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. A hidden track is also featured on the album; one minute after the last song ends, one can hear a percussion outtake which was not used because Charlie Benante was unaware he was humming.

The album's cover art was painted by famed comic book artist Alex Ross.

The song "We're a Happy Family" was originally recorded by the Ramones on Rocket to Russia.

The single "Safe Home" features a ballad-like chorus and strong melody. Its music video features film actor Keanu Reeves. The video aired heavily on Uranium upon its release. In contrast, "What Doesn't Die" features a much darker musical tone and lyrics with a notably heavier style.

Track listing

All songs written by John Bush, Rob Caggiano, Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Charlie Benante, except where noted.

1."Contact" – 1:15
2."What Doesn't Die" – 4:10
3."Superhero" – 4:03
4."Refuse to Be Denied" – 3:20 (feat. Anthony Martini)
5."Safe Home" – 5:10
6."Any Place But Here" – 5:49
7."Nobody Knows Anything" – 2:57
8."Strap It On" – 3:32 (feat. Dimebag Darrell)
9."Black Dahlia" – 2:38
10."Cadillac Rock Box" – 3:41 (feat. Dimebag Darrell)
11."Taking the Music Back" – 3:11
12."Crash" – 0:58
13."Think About an End" – 5:09
14."W.C.F.Y.A." – 4:12

The album has also been released in several different limited editions in both CD and vinyl format. On CD editions, the following bonus tracks are included.

15."Safe Home (Acoustic)" – 5:55
16."We're a Happy Family" (Ramones cover) – 5:07


John Bush – Lead vocals
Rob Caggiano – Lead Guitar
Scott Ian – Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals
Frank Bello – Bass, Backing vocals
Charlie Benante – Drums, Additional guitars
Dimebag Darrell - Lead Guitar on Track 8 "Strap it on" and Track 10 "Cadillac Rock Box" (Intro and guitar solo)
Roger Daltrey - Additional vocals on track 11 "Taking the Music Back"

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