Sunday, May 10, 2009

Waiting in Line For Cupcakes?

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills

Waiting in line is the great American pastime. Due to the recent recession, there have been a lot of free food announcements lately from major retailers. Well, I didn't wait in line for the free ice cream, or the free tacos, or the submarine sandwiches, or the free grilled chicken. So, there's no way I'm going to wait in a line that stretches outside the door and down the street to pay to eat a cupcake. Now, I'll wait at the bar to get a table for a lamb chop at Musso's. I'll wait in those lines at Philippes for a French dip and a pickled egg. I'll even wait in the drive thru for a Double Double at In & Out. But RARELY.

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills

Who has time to wait in line for a cupcake? Who wants to spend any of their time waiting in line for a cupcake? Why waste any of your time this all too short life waiting in line for a cupcake?

"What did you do with your life, Morty?"

"I was born, got married, worked my ass off, and waited in long lines to buy cupcakes."

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills

A cupcake is such a pathetic thing to waste time, energy, and calories on. Basically, a cupcake is just bleached white flour, confectionary sugar and butter. Certainly there are variations on a theme with flavors and toppings, but a small, round piece of bad cake is not worth the time it takes to eat it much less waiting in a line. Writing this statement is about all the energy I ever want to expend on the subject of the cupcake. Call me crazy, but I like fruitcake.

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