Monday, December 12, 2011

Casa Azul OPENS in Westwood Village

Chips and two excellent salsas served upon entry. Draft beer is served in tiny, unfrosted mugs. Regular menus prices are high. I've never seen a bartender put so much ice in an empty glass. The ice Matterhorned above the glass. The margaritas were poured over the mountain of ice from a pre-made pitcher. The drink must contain 2-3 ounces of liquid. High price for a snow cone.

Tasty Chicken Enchiladas appetizer $8 Happy Hour

Situated between nearby Palomino and Napa Valley Grille, perhaps Casa Azul considers itself on their level and their business plan feels obligated to charge high prices for small portions of food and drink. The bar is brightly lighted with small TV screens. The clean and sparse decor is okay, but nothing special. The staff is still learning the menu. I had to ask if the place was open and I also had to ask for the happy hour menu. They've only been open a week or so. Westwood Village needs a good non-chain Mexican restaurant, but so far, I don't think Casa Azul is the one. I will return to check them out again. I live in the neighborhood.

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