Sunday, March 14, 2010

PaleyFest10: Curb Your Enthusiasm

We wanted to attend one event at this year's Paley Fest and chose CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. We went the Goldstar route and sat in the nosebleeds. The Saban (formerly Wilshire) Theater is still beautiful. Last time I went to a play at this theater, I saw Barbara Streisand entering the Women's room. At this moment, I don't remember the title of the play.

Tonight, the balcony crowd liked to talk to the screen. I sat next to two goofy guys who thought they were at CURB JEOPARDY, shouting episode titles during the clips montage. While the actors answered the moderator's questions, many people in the balcony let everyone else know, by their vocalizations, that they were in on the joke. The woman sitting next to my wife had a hearing problem and kept asking her what somebody on stage had just said. Goldstar.

The moderator was bland. Larry was distant, but informative and patient. Jeff showed off his new slimmer physique and demonstrated his peculiar giggle. Cheryl was gorgeous. Susie was polite. Richard Lewis appeared stoned, rambling on and on. The night's funniest moments, however, came from Bob Einstein's deadpan humor. I particularly enjoyed when he told a British audience member asking a question, "Please stop using that annoying fake accent." Bob Einstein's stone face rivals Buster's.

I enjoyed the show and I'm glad we went, but I would have rather watched this on television, or even YouTube.


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