Sunday, October 14, 2007

Over Under Sports Grill on 14th Street

Over Under Sports GrillThe Over Under Sports Grill at 14th and Santa Monica Blvd. was recently sold and they have been redeveloping their interior space for months now. Reportedly, permits and all that have slowed them down. They've ripped out the kitsch and painted the walls an ugly green, but it's supposedly temporary. I went there the other day and was astounded to see six huge new HD televisions. They were spectacular. The Stella was cold.
Their old menu and a StellaThey've replaced this old paper menu with a new laminated one. The only tragic difference is that the tacos are no longer on the happy hour appetizer menu.
Caesar with Chicken The grill has always been known for their hoagies and philly cheese steaks, but they're trying to push the fajitas. I didn't need the grease or the fat and ordered a caesar with chicken. (Sadly, no anchovies available.) I'd ordered it the last time (when I took these pictures). Not a terrible salad, but not much of a caesar. I've had the sandwiches and the fries and the wings. All excellent, but I was looking for a light late lunch to dance with Stella and her sisters.
14th and Santa Monica Blvd.

Over Under Sports Grill at 14 Below - Nice place to get out of the heat.

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