Friday, June 12, 2009

Do Oki-Dogs Kill?

Do Oki-Dogs Kill?

By order of my Doctor and favor to my wife, I have not had an Oki-Dog for at least 10 years. But I savour the memories. A couple of grilled hot dogs are wrapped up in a huge flour tortilla filled with pastrami and refried beans. A mountain of juicy and greasey french fries are added to your plate. I used to get my Oki-Dogs at the Santa Monica Boulevard location, but that location has been replaced with a Fatburger. I remember going there with a group of friends prior to the Springsteen concert at the Coliseum. I remember the pails of kimchi and french fries soaking in water sitting along the concrete path to the toilets. I also remember the rockers and the prostitutes. I believe the last Oki-Dog I've consumed was at this Fairfax location. I remember it was awesome. Can't eat that way anymore.

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Pablo said...


Dang that sounds like lunch for me. Thanks!!!! By The Way, why does something so good hurt so much?

F it I'm young euff to murder a Oki Dog before it murders my toilet.