Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gardena Strip Clubs - Part II

Starz on Roscrans - DayStarz on Roscrans - Night

Gardena Strip Clubs - Pt. 1

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A.D. said...

Starz is the most unique club in the L.A. area. While most clubs offer either topless or totally nude Starz offers both. The have topless dancing downstairs with a full bar, two pools tables and TV monitors for sports viewing. Upstairs there is full nude dancing with non-alcoholic drinks and more TV monitors.
The ladies are always on points, thick and tight, I have yet to see a lady that wasn't attractive. The ratio is generally 90% black, 5% latina and 5% white or other. All the girls are friendly, have great attitudes and perform well. Some of the ladies really take pride in putting on their best performance, I've been to some club where the ladies walk lazily across the stage as if they were bored and expect tips, but at Starz they they really put it down. At Starz they ladies really shine. If you're into gentlemens entertainment Starz is a must see, I guarantee you'll go back!