Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are Mitsubishi Cars For Assholes?

So, I'm circling the block to find a parking space to go have lunch at Lucky Devils on Hollywood Boulevard and I see this genius ignoring a pretty obvious street sign.

Circling the block.

A few years ago in Santa Monica, I used to walk by the string of car dealerships on Santa Monica Boulevard regularly. I witnessed few problems with the other dealerships, but upon passing Mitsubishi I experienced frequent problems with Mitsubishi car owners blocking the sidewalks and charging in and out of driveways without stopping to look for pedestrians. Besides myself, I noticed other pedestrians almost being hit and Mitsubishi drivers honking at us for walking on the sidewalk.

After this came to my attention, I started noticing on the streets and freeways of Los Angeles that 7 out of 10 asshole driving behaviors were performed by Mitsubishi drivers.

No offense to any nice people that own Mitsubishi cars, but...could there be a reason for this phenomenon?

By the way, I drive a Honda.

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