Sunday, August 1, 2010

LA Kompany - August 2010 - Downtown

Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of Los Angeles, California, United States, located close to the geographic center of the metropolitan area. The area features many of the city's major arts institutions and sports facilities, sightseeing opportunities, a variety of skyscrapers and associated large multinational corporations and an array of public art and unique shopping opportunities. Downtown is the hub of the city's freeway network and growing Metro rapid transit system.

Though Downtown is generally thought to be bounded by the Los Angeles River on the east, the Hollywood (101) Freeway to the north, the Santa Monica (10) Freeway on the south and the Harbor (110) Freeway on the west, some sources, including the Los Angeles Downtown News and Los Angeles Times,[3] extend the area past the traditional boundary to include University Park and Exposition Park (encompassing the University of Southern California (USC) and Central City West neighborhoods.

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