Sunday, September 23, 2007

Islands Has Awesome Pork Tacos

Recently, I learned my wife goes to ISLANDS frequently for lunch. So last Tuesday, I stopped by ISLANDS on Pico and Veteran before catching a screening of IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH at the Landmark down the street. I remember having a tasty hamburger in 1984 with former UCLA schoolmate Anne Ramsey, actress (MAD ABOUT YOU) and then part-time waitress, the first time I went to an ISLANDS restaurant. Sometime in the 90's, I went there for overpriced drinks at the bar and vowed never to return. But on this last Tuesday, I had a delicious lunch fit for a moviegoer.
Islands on Pico and VeteranI started with a small caesar salad and an ale. I've been sampling a lot of caesars lately and this one was tasty despite the absence of anchovies. Lots of cheese and not too salty, this serving proved a nice sized side dish to outrageous pork tacos.Caesar Salad The pork tacos were to die for. Maybe it's just me, but pork bits grilled with caramelized onions can cause hallucinations?three pork soft tacosI had another ale and dove into one of the three pork tacos. By the time I finished off the last one, I was satiated and ready for a movie. Caramelized onions and cilantro

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