Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LA Weekly: Drinking in L.A.


I know Manny Aguirre and I know his chilled vodka martinis. But I'm sure he doesn't remember me as I've not been to Musso's in years. However, once upon a time I was a semi-regular. When I was working with an equity-waiver theatre on Cherokee in the summer of 1980, I avoided the scary Boardners and coveted the cuisine at Mussos. I couldn't yet afford it. But eventually, after hitting the bar there a few times, I hit the booths and drowned myself in bread and butter accompanied by a chilled martini, still my sole remaining religious ritual. I once ate there with a visiting Bostonian friend who ordered the abalone. But later in the 80's, I went there often enough that we spent my bachelor party at Mussos, followed by Boardners. Mussos was superior, but Boardners was cheaper. Serve the good wine first. Those wineskins can go sour. During the remainder of the 80's and before we moved to Santa Monica, my wife and I dined there often. I've even been there for the breakfast flannel cakes. However, my favorite has always been the chicken pot pie.

But I digress.

A recent issue of L.A. Weekly has two excellent articles on the drinking scene in L.A.

The Martini Doctor Is In: Manny Aguirre - L.A. Weekly

The New Cocktailians - L.A. Weekly

BTW, Jonathan Gold is hereby the Los Angeles food and drink god.

Musso's and Frank Grill

Musso's and Frank Grill - wiki


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